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Wedding 2022

We are delighted to announce the marriage of

Shanna from Maine Street Coon and Sultan Du Clos Du Coteau.

chatterie Yanna cats elevage loof recommandé maine coon xxl.png
chatterie Yanna cats elevage loof recommandé maine coon xxl_edited.png

sultan and shanna

are recommended breeder

SQR level 4 by loof  


Present  on our cattery

Here  on our cattery

I youpresent THAI BY YANNA CAT'S

on the photos it has 12 hours of life 

thai is a small male maine coon loof  

chaton male  maine coon loof france  a vendre  (8).jpg
chaton male maine coon loof france  a vendre  (7).jpg


Maine Coon LOOF  color BLUE 

3 weeks of Sublime lifeevolution for my baby coon 

Maine Coon Loof a adopté pur race de qualité made in france .jpg

THAIKO BY YANNA CAT'S 1 Month and 10 days of life 

seeing it evolved is a real pleasure 

cuddly, joueurs Thaiko shares her daily life with us but also with all the coons of the household and yes with us no cats have isolated we all live in family 

besides, thaiko doesn't appreciate that I sleep at night and come and nibble my ears or my toes, little love scum 

chaton maine coon loof blue a vendre .jpg
chaton maine coon loof pur race france .jpg

Notre joli bébé Maine Coon LOOF ThaÏko âgé de 3 mois à vécu son tout premier toilettage comme un champion.

Déjà habituer à être manipuler thaÏko a été préparé afin d'être présenté au juge du loof avant son grand départ dans sa famille. 

Sa jeune adoptante TIFFANY a été très heureuse d'être immerger dans le monde de l'exposition à mes cotés, de découvrir une autres facette de notre métier  et avoir un avis sur la qualité de son bébé manie coon

toilettage bebe maine coon .jpg
bebe maine coon loof.jpg
bebe maine coon loof .jpg

My baby coon will be able to join his family for life in March 2023 


they will be :

Vaccinated, Dewormed,identified by chip, registered with LOOF sterilized if for company.

Parents are tested holy and not carrier for diseases genetic (HCM, SMA, PKDEF) and holy for FIV/FELV disease

Our babies are raised daily in our family and are used to everyday noises, children, dogs and other cats.

Will be provided when they leave: 
- A reservation and sale contract. 
- A copy of the parents' tests and cardiac and renal echo. 
- A copy of the champion titles of both parents. 
- A copy of the pedigrees of the parents. 
- A certificate of good health will be issued by the Condé-en-Brie veterinary clinic. 
- Health book.
- DNA test of the kitten and affiliation to the parents.
- Pedigree of the kitten if received or declaration of birth waiting for the pedigrees.
- A welcome booklet.
- Kitten kit.

(royal canin kitten kibble, royal canin kitten wet food, his favorite toy and a surprise bonus for adopters)
- Certificate of commitment and knowledge.
- USB key with all the photos of the kitten since birth. 

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