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Located at  Château Thierry La Chatterie Yanna Cat's  is a Maine Coon family cat breeder.
I have always loved cats and being a passionate breeder, I offer you family-bred, sociable and healthy kittens.
In compliance with hygiene and health standards, our Maine Coon cat breeding in Château Thierry in the AISNE ensures the comfort and well-being of its felines.

chatterie Yanna cats elevage loof recomm
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Yanna Cat's Cattery

The team

breeding male

Brown blotched tabby and white

sultan du clos du coteau maine coon loof supreme champion sqr4 paris.jpg

breeding female

Blue blotched tabby

femelle maine coon loof championne internationale .jpg

Male reproducteur

Black Silver blotched tabby 

elevage demaine coon loof xxl marne  (1).jpg

Femelle reproductrice

Blue  silver blotched tabby

maine coon loof chateau thierry.jpg

breeding female

Red silver blotched tabby

chaton maine coon loof xxl russe a vendre .jpeg

Blue Solide

maine coon loof russe xxl.jpg

Femelle reproductrice

Blue Silver Ticked

maine coon loof xxl russe.jpg

Femelle reproductrice

Blue Tortie Silver Blotched tabby

Undy de yanna cat's maine coon loof paris.jpg

Femelle reproductrice

Blacl silver mackerel tabby


Femelle reproductrice
Black Silver Shaded

maine coon loof black silver shaded marne la vallée disney.jpeg

Femelle reproductrice
Blue Smoke

maine coon loof paris blue smoke .jpeg

Eleveuse Amoureuse 

eleveur de maine coon loof.jpg

Killian mon fils 
Jeune éleveur 

killian futur eleveur de maine coon.jpg

Our services 

chatterie Yanna cats elevage loof recommandé maine coon xxl.png
chatterie Yanna cats elevage loof recomm

The breeding cats live in a calm and healthy environment where they share a family life.
Our breeding offers you purebred Maine Coon cats registered with the LOOF.
To ensure a long and happy life for the kittens, the breeders are DNA and ultrasound tested for Maine Coon diseases.
The kittens are also identified by an electronic chip and vaccinated. The kittens that are intended for the company are sterilized before their departure. 
For more details, do not hesitate to contact our breeding at Château Thierry (02). 

Our Maine Coon cat breeding in the Aisne takes care of the small details to ensure reproduction in the best conditions.
Indeed, the reproduction of Maine Coon from La Chatterie Yanna Cat's is the subject of particular attention, from the selection of breeders to the care given to newborns, as a breeder I takes care to be attentive and demanding to every detail of reproduction and the well-being of my animals...

maine coon pour saillie aisne

My Male

Sultan is soft, cuddly, playful and not at all fearful, he is proposed for theprotrusionof your future litters.

The Maine Coonis well known for being a docile cat who likes to pose and show off, that's why Sultan is offered to you for allyour ads,  video or photo.

You will find her photo book in our photo model section.

Sultan is used to frequenting other cats as well as dogs without any problem.

Our females 

Shanna alias my duchess, Ofeliya alias the tornado, Nadine alias baby chou and Wannabe the warrior are soft, cuddly, playful and adventurous, they are always the first to follow us in our adventures. 

they are nos breeding femalesfor only companion our sultan. 

they are also des perfect templates for your advertisementsthanks to their very docile character and very little fearful.

Shanna, Ofeylia and Nadine are very sociable and are used to being in contact with other cats or dogs 

maine coon type russe xxl marne loof

For more info, leave a message 

le plus beau maine coon


12 rue Alberto Gallego 02400Castle Thierry

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